Homeopathy is the use of plant, mineral, and animal substances in dilute form to treat illness and imbalance gently and effectively.

Your VitalShip physician may prescribe homeopathy for acute or chronic illnesses alone or in conjunction with other therapies.

Let Likes Cure Likes

Homeopathy Medicine’s guiding principle is states as similia similibus curentur, in other words, “let likes cure likes.” This concept of “like curing like” dates back to the Greek Father of Medicine, Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.). However, the German physician, Dr. C. F. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), was the first to put this principle into a system of medicine.

Over the years, the “provings”, or experiments, in the study of Homeopathy Medicine have provided physicians with toxicological data through clinical experience. Today, we have over 2000 homeopathic medical substances.

Natural Wonders for Our Small Wonders

One of the greatest benefits to Homeopathy Medicine is that they are a quick, effective and safe way to treat the physical ailments and emotional upsets in the bodies of sensitive individuals, as well as for both infants and children. Using safer, natural remedies, such as homeopathic medicines, is an important part to your child’s healthy development.

A child’s body is being developed as they continue to grow. Their nervous systems are just beginning to integrate with the endocrine and immune systems, as well as with various organ systems. While our body’s are resilient, a child’s body, especially as it develops, can be fragile, especially during infancy.

As parents, you can be reassured that Homeopathic Medicine is a safe and natural way to treat your infants and young children.