Cancer is a life changing diagnosis. There is no one way to deal with the aftermath of a diagnosis and come to terms with what you went through and what it means to be a survivor.

In survivorship, there are still many mental obstacles one has to work through such as “Chemo Brain,” a mental fog that impacts one’s ability to function as they once did. Some patients will also experience PTSD from diagnosis and the healing journey they choose.

As if the mental effects were not enough, the physical stresses of cancer make day-to-day living and interactions more difficult, but with the power of Vitalship’s team supporting you throughout your journey after cancer, we’re sure you’ll be able to live a full and healthy life.

So, what is survivorship?

Firstly, having no signs of cancer after finishing treatment, or living with, through, and beyond cancer. According to this definition, cancer survivorship begins at diagnosis and includes people who continue to have treatment over the long term, to either reduce the risk of recurrence or to manage chronic disease. According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology there are three kinds of survivorship:

Acute survivorship begins at diagnosis and goes through to the end of initial cancer treatment. Cancer treatment is the focus.

Extended survivorship begins at the end of initial cancer treatment and goes through the months after. The effects of cancer and treatment are the focus.

Permanent survivorship is the period when years have passed since cancer treatment ended and recurrence seems less likely. Long term effects of cancer and treatment are the focus.

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