Not convinced? We get it, the idea of “Magic Socks” sounds a little odd, but it works by rallying the body’s defenses. In fact, the “Magic Socks” treatment is just one form of simple hydrotherapy remedies that help promote healthy circulation, make a fever efficient, decrease head congestions, improve sleep, and – most importantly – help your body heal.

Hydrotherapy, which a treatment that uses water to soothe pains and treat disease, is one of the oldest forms of medical treatments. It uses water as a medium for heat and cold to enhance the body’s ability to heal. How does it do this exactly?

Because health and healing are proportional to the normal flow of healthy blood in the body, water treatments help increase the quality of circulating blood. This means that the heat and cold being transferred to the body from the water is enhancing your body’s blood flow through the organs of elimination (skin, liver, kidneys, bowels). This detoxes your body and improves blood quality by eliminating undesirable waste products.

Additional Hydrotherapy Benefits:

  • Enrich the blood by increasing the oxygen, nutrients, red cells, and white cells
  • Optimizes the quality of blood while improving the efficiency of its circulation
  • Optimizes circulation and metabolism
  • Primes the immune system to fight off disease
  • Detoxifies the body gently

“Magic Socks” Treatment:

  1. Warm feet very well before application to ensure therapeutic effect. You may apply the cold wet socks after a bath or a hot foot bath.
  2. Soak cotton socks in cold water (as cold as you can handle [to tolerance]: you may add ice to the water OR wet the socks and place in the freezer)
  3. Be sure to wring out the cotton socks before applying (or before placing in the freezer).
  4. Make sure that the cotton socks are not too thick.
  5. Cover immediately with wool socks, making sure you have one layer of cotton socks completely covered by the wool socks.
  6. Go to bed.


  • Socks must be completely dry by morning, or it can be detrimental to the system. If the socks are dry before morning, they may be removed.
  • *Important that socks are warm and dry at least by morning otherwise the process is depleting*